Fruit & Veg



We try to source our fresh fruit and vegetables as locally as possible providing the weather and the seasons are on our side! Our home grown Wilja potatoes are usually in stock from September to March annually so keep an eye out if you want great tasting potatoes to roast, mash and bake!


Unfortunately not all our fruit is sourced from the UK but it is still delicious! Particular fruits are seasonal and are therefore not in stock all year round. Please ask a member of staff for more information.

We aim to source as much of our vegetables as locally as possible. Vegetbles such as carrots, parsnips, leeks and cabbages are all Nottinghamshire grown. We may not stock particular vegetables at certain times of year but always ask for more information. We sell our own home grown Wilja potatoes which come in 3 potato sack sizes 5kg, 12.5kg and 25kg.

You can't get more local than that!


We have a selection of fresh salads available to feed the family and friends as a side with a light lunch or tasty dinner. Also great to eat at barbecues throughout the summer with a selection of burgers, sausages and kebabs.